4 Reasons Why a Cabin is the Perfect Family Getaway

A Smoky Mountain cabin is the ideal spot for parents and kids to enjoy indoor and outdoor fun. Here’s why a cabin vacation should be your next family getaway.

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1. Whole family together = Bonding

Cabin time is together time. When you’re away from home, the usual chores and errands melt away and you can focus on each other. Play board games by the fireplace. Cook as a family, experimenting with new recipes or whipping up old favorites in the fully equipped kitchen. Soak in the bubbling hot tub together. See how many different birds and animals you can spot from your deck.

2. Plenty of Privacy

While your mountain escape is great bonding time, you also need to recharge. If you’re in a hotel, you’re likely to be sharing rooms--and that’s too much togetherness. A cabin gives everyone places to get away for a while. Take a nap or read in a bedroom, watch TV in the roomy living area or bonus loft, or retreat to the deck. Kick back with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee (or something stronger for the grown-ups). Privacy when you want it will make time spent together seem sweeter.

3. Loads of Entertainment

Cabins are loaded with rustic charm, but “rustic” doesn’t mean “dull.” Everyone has a blast when you choose a cabin with fun amenities. Pool tables are popular--you don’t have to know how to play already, just give it a try! Look for cabins with arcade game consoles and air hockey or foosball tables. Get a cabin with its own private movie theater--we’ve got them. A few cabins even boast private swimming pools, including pools inside the cabin for all-weather swimming.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors

When you browse our cabins online, you can search for the outdoor features you most treasure--click to see cabins with fire pits, great mountain views, or rivers nearby!

At a cabin with a river on the property, you’ll spend hours watching the sparkling water, tracing the flights of dragonflies, and playing on the mossy banks with the kids. Some cabins feature private gazebos or picnic shelters. Some cabins have waterfalls nearby or fishing streams running past. Outdoor fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets if your cabin has a fire pit. Gather everyone around a crackling blaze for s’mores and stories.