4th of July Fireworks in Gatlinburg

Independence Day is nearly upon us, and amidst the plans for cookouts, BBQ’s and general backyard shenanigans, there’s one even larger pressing issue:

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Where can you see the best fireworks?

Fireworks have been a longstanding 4th of July tradition in the United States and today you’d be hard-pressed to find a county in the whole U.S. that doesn’t celebrate Independence Day by firing colorful explosions into the sky. 

In Gatlinburg, you can watch some seriously spectacular fireworks going off on the 4th. And since Gatlinburg has its very own Space Needle, you can get a really good view of the show from anywhere in town as the fireworks are launched from a starting point of 400 feet in the air! Here are all the details you need to know.

1. It’s free!

It doesn’t cost a cent to see this great show (and with how breathtaking it is, it feels like they should be selling tickets!). So gather around with your whole vacation crew. There’s no capacity limit on the fun.

2. The show is shot from atop the iconic Gatlinburg Space Needle

Launching fireworks from the ground is so blasé. In Gatlinburg, the fireworks start out high in the sky and they only get higher.

And since the Space Needle launch means you can see the fireworks from all over town, there’s room for everyone to spread out a bit. With social distancing still being recommended by the CDC, this means Gatlinburg can launch their yearly fireworks while everyone stays safe. 

3. The show starts at 11 P.M.

The first Aerial Repeater goes off at 11 P.M. sharp! The sun goes down late in summertime Gatlinburg, so this show’s got a late start. Fortunately, the 4th of July falls on a Saturday this year, so everyone has the following Sunday to sleep in (and maybe go out for a late Gatlinburg brunch). 

Ready, set, ignite!

What about after (or before) the show? Unfortunately, it is not legal to set off your own fireworks in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or many of the surrounding areas. However, you are free to partake in sparklers, burners and other novelty fireworks so long as you play it safe.