6 Reasons to Stay in a Cabin with a Hot Tub This Winter

Winter vacations are a refreshing change, with crystal skies and snowy fun. At a winter cabin, warm up by soaking in your outdoor hot tub. Yes, outdoors, even in winter! Here are five reasons to choose a cabin with a bubbling hot tub.

1. Full-body relief

Ask any doctor. Warm water increases circulation and soothes muscles. It benefits conditions like arthritis and relieves aches. Whether you fire up your hot tub early, to ease yourself into the winter morning, or you relax in it at the day’s end, a hot tub is like a spa treatment right there on your cabin deck.

2. Spend time with family

Hot tubs are social spots with room for you, your honey and kids, or friends. Tub time each day is great for recapping the day’s winter adventures, like skiing at Ober Gatlinburg, crossing a stunning bridge at Gatlinburg Skylift Park, seeing a holiday show on stage, or feeling the frost crunch underfoot in the national park.

3. Disconnect and decompress

You could poke virtual buttons on your phone with your water-wrinkled fingers—if you really want to risk a soggy screen. Instead, leave electronics indoors. Embrace this excuse: “Oh well, I can’t check work email or get stressed by the news—I’m in the hot tub!” Disconnect, and soak worries away as you watch winter birds flit around you. The mental benefits are terrific.

4. It’s all yours, all the time…

Your private cabin’s hot tub is just for you. Sharing is nice, but on your hard-earned vacation, it’s nice not to have to share! Your hot tub is open all hours. We offer more than 150 beautiful cabins with outdoor hot tubs. To find the right one for you, including cabins with sheltered hot tubs and hot tub pavilions, call our vacation specialists at 1-800-371-0341.

5. …But it’s not yours at all

You have the best of both worlds: Get all the benefits of a hot tub whenever you choose, without having to maintain it yourself. Now that’s what vacations are about. Take advantage of amenities and let someone else do the work.

6. Get a new perspective

If you don’t have a hot tub back home, a vacation cabin’s hot tub is a new experience. The kids will love telling friends how they sat in a tub outside—as snow fell around them. You’ll create new memories as you learn the names of the misty peaks you see from the comfort of your tub.