7 Must See Stops at The Apple Barn Village

Long ago, in 1910, the Apple Barn was a real barn with stables, horses and the whole nine yards. Then, in the 1970’s the barn was purchased and renovated. Trees were planted. Soon the barn was a cider mill and the trees were an orchard, 4,000 strong. Frequent requests for on-the-spot cider tastes led to a real cider room where guests could watch the cider be made and sample the most intriguing flavors.

But there’s more to the Apple Barn than just fresh-pressed cider. We’ve come up with a list of 7 things to see and do at the Apple Barn Village now that it’s grown, and that’s still not everything this place has to offer. You could easily spend a whole day here exploring, taste-testing and soaking in the wonderful Southern atmosphere.

1. Apple Barn and Cider Mill

This is your one stop shop for delicious candies, ciders, snacks and souvenirs. Unlike other restaurants that keep their recipes under tight lock and key, the Apple Barn is proud to share the recipes that make their drinks and baked goods so delicious. You can purchase pre-done mixes for everything from apple fritters to pancakes and the recipe for their Julep drink is available online for free.

2. Apple Barn Winery

For those of you 21 and over, enjoy free wine tastings every day! Apple Barn wine is truly something else. No grapes involved, these drinks are all made fresh and onsite from Apple Barn apples. It’s this unique preparation process and recipe that gives the Apple Barn Winery some truly one of a kind flavors. From Apple Peach to Apple Strawberry, if you’re a fan of sweet and fruity wine, you’re sure to find your new favorite here.

And if you’ve fallen in love with your favorite flavor but don’t have the room in your suitcase, the Apple Barn delivers wine right to your door!

3. The Apple Valley Creamery

For the last thirty years, the Apple Valley Creamery has been Tennessee’s premier ice cream destination. They have over 50 flavors that they rotate throughout the year so there’s always something new and exciting to see.

And don’t think that you’ll be missing out on Apple Barn apples while you’re here. They’ve got huge slices of cobbler to go with your ice cream as well as milkshakes and blackberry cobbler bread.

If you’ve never tasted the difference between homemade ice cream and the freezer-burned containers you buy at the store, then be prepared for a delightful shock!

4. Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner served in this rustic and homey Southern restaurant (or sit down, get comfortable and enjoy all three!).

This is Southern eating at its finest. Enjoy pancakes, fritters and fresh fruit as well as any apple-themed dessert you can think of you. If apples can be added, then they surely will be!

They serve a classic Sunday Dinner here with all the trimmings, including pecan chicken salads, cornbread and chicken pot pies. All the warm and delicious food that basically invented the term “comfort food”. Their kid-friendly menu offers smaller and simpler portions for the younger ones in the family, as well.

5. Applewood Farmhouse Grill

If you thought you were done with delicious meals after the Farmhouse Restaurant, then think again. The Farmhouse Grill brings an added dose of delicious cured hams, mile-high pancake platters and traditional fried chicken. There’s certainly a lot to eat at the Apple Barn Village, so pace yourself and be sure to leave room for dessert! You can check out the Applewood Farmhouse Grill menu here if you want to prepare your taste buds.

6. Christmas and Candle Shop at the Apple Barn

Collectables, toys and of course premium candles. Every cinnamon, apple, and fruity scent you can imagine. They even make specialty candles that look like jars of preserved fruits and smell even better.

The freshly-poured candles are always unique, and it’s guaranteed you’ve never seen anything quite like them. Even if you’re not normally into burning candles, you may want one of these just for a decoration!

7. Apple Barn Cider House

And of course, the Cider House. Can a place like Apple Barn Village get away with not having a cider house? Not with 4,000 apple trees it can’t! Much like their winery, there are free tastings here daily, and while their online ordering system isn’t quite up and running yet, we expect people will be bulk ordering their favorite flavors pretty soon. So, whether you’re in the mood for Berry Hop or Cider House Blues, you’ll sure be able to whet your whistle here with the finest East Tennessee cider available.

Pigeon Forge Tennessee is nestled right up in the Smoky Mountains and provides not only an escape from the stress of day to day life, but also offers a cozy little window into the way things used to be. If you’re looking for a few days of all-American rest and relaxation, then a Pigeon Forge cabin rental and the Apple Barn Village have just what you need.