Does it Snow in Gatlinburg?

Yes, it does snow in Gatlinburg. Watching beautiful white snowflakes fall throughout downtown Gatlinburg is truly an event that ranks high on our list of things to see when vacationing in the Smoky Mountains during the winter months.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee averages 9 inches of snow annually through the months of December to early April.


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December is the snowfall kickoff month for Gatlinburg and typically you can only find snow at higher elevations such as Ober Gatlinburg and higher elevations in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The average snow amount for Gatlinburg in December is around 1 inch.



January is probably the best month of all to see snow in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. With winter taking hold of much of the area, January snowfall amounts in Gatlinburg average over 4 inches.



February is the second most likely month to see it snow in Gatlinburg. Typically in February, snowfall totals for Gatlinburg average about 2 inches.



Given its diverse terrain, it is not uncommon to see snowfall in Gatlinburg during the month of March. In fact, Gatlinburg averages 1 inch of snowfall during the month.



While it doesn’t always happen, there’s a small chance to see snow in Gatlinburg during the month of April, often toward the beginning of the month. Gatlinburg snowfall totals average less than an inch in April.


While it does snow in Gatlinburg, on average, there is about 9 total inches of snowfall each year. If you’re searching for snow when vacationing in Gatlinburg and there’s none in the forecast, head into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along Newfound Gap, where annual snowfall amounts approach nearly 70 inches during the winter months.