Gatlinburg Named the South’s Best Mountain Town

Gatlinburg has swept the title of Best Mountain Town in the South, an honor awarded by none other than Southern Living Magazine (and if they don’t know the best of Southern life when they see it, who does?).

Gatlinburg has been welcoming visitors for over half a century. The cool mountain air, the homey, Southern-style food, and the countless unique attractions make Gatlinburg a wonderful retreat away from the stress and commotion of modern life. Whether you’re drawn to Gatlinburg for its famous distilleries or high-thrills sky park, there’s something here for everyone. 

Tucked away in the mountains

The appeal of the southern mountainscape is universal, and Gatlinburg perfectly encapsulates that feeling of Appalachian charm that draws so many in. Gatlinburg is small, only around 5,000 people live there, but that hasn’t stopped visitors from pouring in by the millions. 

But don’t worry that a visit to Gatlinburg is going to be crowded. While small, Gatlinburg is tucked snugly within the Smoky Mountains, giving the town and its visitors ample space to breathe. Renting one of our Gatlinburg cabins gives you all the peace and quiet of a mountain getaway while still being within easy driving distance of all the action.

And for a small town, there sure is plenty of action to go around. Between outdoor recreation and one-of-a-kind shopping opportunities, you’ll be working with a packed schedule! And when the day’s excitement is done, Gatlinburg boasts some of the finest eateries in the southern United States. 

Chosen by real people

How does Southern Living rank the best mountain towns, anyway? Turns out it’s not an arbitrary decision. There’s no panel of editors picking which towns get the top prize. The winners are ranked by submissions from readers. In other words, real people who’ve traveled the south and couldn’t resist Gatlinburg’s charming call. 

So there you have it, Gatlinburg is the best Mountain Town in the South, according to the many people who’ve visited its relaxing, picturesque landscape.

To see Gatlinburg’s spread in Southern Living (as well as the 9 towns that came close but couldn’t quite beat Gatlinburg’s charm) then check out their slideshow here.