There’s a Real Life Fairy House in the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are one of the United States’ most beautiful hiking locations. From tall mountain peaks to slow, gurgling creeks, a walk in the Smokies is like stepping back in time. The air is some of the freshest on earth, and there’s always something exciting around each bend in the path.

When you think of fairies and other mythical creatures, your mind may jump to Europe or New England, but there’s actually a real-life Fairy House right here in the Smoky Mountains.


The Twin Creeks Trail

Before you find your way to the Fairy House, you’ll have to traverse the well-trodden Twin Creeks Trail. This popular hiking trail takes you through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on land originally owned and developed by a man named Louis Voorheis. Voorheis cultivated this area in the 1930’s with the intent of helping people retreat away from big city life and find peace and comfort in the wild Smoky Mountains.

The Twin Creeks Trail is a roundtrip of about 4.5 miles that takes you around and past all the buildings on the Voorheis estate. There’s a hydroelectric dam, a National Resources Center and many log cabins. And if you simply walk the trail, that’s all you’ll see.


Planning a Visit to the Hidden Fairy House

The Fairy House is hidden not far from this main trail. Just past the Resources Center, you’ll come across a small path that takes off from the trail. For the brave and adventurous, this is your chance to find one of the most mysterious and mystical buildings in the Smokies.

The Fairy House was originally a spring house, renamed because over the years, the quaint stone building has become covered in moss, lending it the look of a magical building forgotten to time. You’re welcome to walk inside the Fairy House and explore.

Be aware that the hike to the Fairy House may lead you to the various wild animals that call the Smoky Mountains home, including the occasional black bear. So, make sure you keep close tabs on everyone in your party and follow basic wild animal safety rules.

For all you nature lovers out there, the Fairy House is an unforgettable hike with a delightfully magical destination. And if you're staying in our Gatlinburg cabins, you’ll be right by Mynatt Park, which marks the start of the Twin Creeks Trail and the walk to the Fairy House.