Top 4 Fastest Alpine Coasters in Pigeon Forge

Alpine coasters are familiar sights here. These “gravity coasters” aren’t your typical powered roller coaster. You ascend to a hilltop and then let gravity do its job as you plunge downhill in your coaster car. A visit here isn’t complete without an alpine coaster ride! Try these four speediest alpine coasters in Pigeon Forge.

1. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

With a top speed of 27 miles an hour, Smoky Mountain’s coasters have another claim to fame too--this is the longest downhill ride in the country, with more than a mile of track! Ride in rain, snow, or shine. You control your coaster car’s speed, so you decide how fast is fast enough. Kids ages three to six can ride along with an adult (16 or older) if the kids meet height requirements.

2. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Zip downhill on this nine-minute ride, racing through four themed tunnels sure to surprise you. At Rocky Top Mountain Coaster, you can reach speeds of up to 30 miles an hour, controlled by your individual brakes. The coaster operates in snow, rain, or sun, and three- to six-year-olds can ride along with adults. Don’t miss Rocky Mountain’s night rides, when you can experience the twists, turns, and loops after dark for an extra thrill.

3. Coaster at Goats on the Roof

Those adorable goats might distract you from the amazing alpine coaster just overhead! But don’t miss this ride with its 30-mile-an-hour top speed and track that’s nearly a mile long. Ride by day for mountain views or by night to race through colorful lights. One- or two-passenger cars are under your control, so your downhill run is only as fast as you want it to be. Kids can ride with an adult here, too.

Once your ride is a memory, visit the goats, pick up treats at the Sweet Shop and try gem mining. Pretend you’re a prospector in the Old West sifting for treasures!

3. Power Coaster at Rowdy Bear

Ride single or double cars at up to 35 miles an hour through the woods of Rowdy Bear Mountain. You determine your own speed and the intelligent braking system means cars can’t get close to each other. Kids three and up, who are tall enough, can ride with an adult, and the coaster is open in almost all weather. Rowdy Bear Ridge Adventure Park is also home to ax throwing, outdoor year-round tubing, and more.

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