Top 5 Places to See the Sunset in Gatlinburg

Sunsets and sunrises are two of the most beautiful marvels of our natural world. Looking at photographs just doesn’t compare to actually soaking up the rays in person. And since no one needs to get up before dawn on their vacation, we’re counting down the top 5 places to see the sunset in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

1. Sunset at the Gatlinburg Space Needle

There’s no other way to get closer to the sky. The Gatlinburg Space Needle is an observation tower that stands more than 400 feet tall! You’ve seen beautiful sunsets before, but have you ever been this close to one? At the Space Needle, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sun as it sinks below the mountainous horizon.

2. Sunset at Ober Gatlinburg

When the snow thaws, Gatlinburg’s ski part becomes a destination for summer fun. Enjoy tubing, indoor ice skating, a mountain coaster and of course, an aerial tram that will take you right up to the top of the Smokies. It’s here that you’ll see a Smoky Mountain sunset really come to life!

3. Sunset at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

There’s a lot to do at the SkyLift Park, from sightseeing to shopping. You can easily lose an entire day up here, so why not plan it that way from the get-go? Spend your afternoon and evening in the SkyLift Park and top everything off with a relaxing view of a Gatlinburg sunset.

4. Sunset at Anakeesta

Similar to SkyLift, Anakeesta is another high-in-the-sky park where you can easily spend your whole day. Between ziplining, gem mining and several delicious restaurants, it will be nightfall before you know it. Walk through the Vista Gardens or the Memorial Forest to find the spot with the best view.

5. Sunset at Gatlinburg Cabin Rental

Sometimes there’s nothing better than seeing the sunset in your own backyard. Or in this case, your temporary backyard! Snuggling up in one of our premier Gatlinburg Cabins is the best way to get a stunning view of the Smoky Mountains. Curl up on your porch or gaze out a window as the sun bleeds down through the forest trees and sinks into the very mountains themselves. There’s nothing quite like it.