Top 7 Cabin Features For Your Summer Vacation

When you stay at one of our Tennessee cabins, you’ll get so much more than just a place to sleep. Each of our cabin locations is decked out with a different combination of amenities and features so you can pick the vacation destination that’s perfect for your family. Here are just seven of the features you can choose from.

1. Swimming Pools

Summer is here and just as hot and heavy as ever! Having your own pool to crash into when the sun just won’t stop is a must if you’re vacationing during these humid months.

See which of our premiere cabins have access to relaxing swimming pools.

2. Covered Decks

Ready to relax outside in the evenings but unwilling to subject yourself to the whims of the weather? Our decks are covered and furnished with comfortable rocking chairs, picnic tables and gorgeous views.

3. Fun Game Rooms

If you feel like testing your skill at a game of billiards, we’ve got you covered. Pool halls are a staple of the Southern bar scene, but you don’t have to venture out of your cabin to find a good game when you rent with us. Many of our cabins come with full-size pool tables in designated game rooms. Pool hustling bikers not included!

4. Fire Pits

Many of our cabins also come with fire pits. And not just rock-lined holes in the ground, either, these are fully-sculpted backyard bonfires! Roast some marshmallows, cook a few hot dogs or just sit outside all night telling stories by the light of the fire. It’s like camping in the Smokies, except that you can dash inside to use the shower whenever you want.

5. Mountain Views

This is what you came for, after all. Each one of our cabins has a unique view of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Through every window you’ll see a different side of the mountain landscape. Just take a look at some of these picturesque sights!

There’s a lot of fresh air and wide skies out here. Even if you don’t feel up to adventuring along the Smoky Mountains’ exciting hiking trails and rafting tours, you can still soak in the panoramic view.

6. Movie Theaters

What says “livin’ large” more than your own home movie theater? We have an extensive selection of cabins with in-house movie theaters for you to put on your own midnight premieres. And since you don’t have to share

7. Great Locations near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Our cabins are scattered throughout the beautiful Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area. You’re a quick drive away from both towns and all the fun attractions they have to offer. Yet at the same time, you’re far enough out for a peaceful, quiet vacation. It’s the best of both worlds.