Top 7 Reasons to Stay in a Cabin this Fall

Cabins are the perfect fall getaway. They combine the earthy beauty of fall colors with easy access to down-home autumn festivals. Here are seven reasons why a fall cabin makes the best vacation.

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1. To See the Fall Colors

Stunning foliage is one of the Smokies’ biggest attractions. Fall color spreads across these ancient peaks into November. How can you admire the bold shades without crowds around? Look out the window of your private rental!

 2. Cozy Fireplaces

What’s the warm heart of a cabin, the crackling centerpiece that says, “Get comfortable and dream”? The fireplace. Whether your cabin fireplace is built of beautiful river stone, has charming carved bears holding up the mantel, burns wood, or fires up with gas, you’re going to love how it banishes the chill.

3. Relaxing Decks

Decks extend your living space. Cradle a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as you watch the morning light streak the mountains. Picnic just feet from the kitchen. Let dusk descend while you sip the local fruit wine. Point out autumn constellations to the kids while you cuddle in the dark.

4. Bubbling Hot Tubs

Take in the fall vistas from your outdoor hot tub. Stay warm in jets of soothing water while you chat with your tub buddy, or just enjoy the scenery. Hot tubs are easy to use and always available because they’re right there on your cabin deck.

5. Warm Fire Pits

A blazing fire pit will bring back memories if you’ve camped, and create new ones if you haven’t. Tell ghost stories, make melty s’mores, or plan tomorrow’s outings. A fire pit makes a great rendezvous for larger groups or a quiet way for a couple to end the day. We’ve got fire pits tucked by woodland creeks, and fire pits overlooking mountain views.

6. Plenty of Cabin Options

With more than 200 fall cabins to choose from, you’ll find one big enough for a crowd or intimate enough for two. Craving colorful views? Pick a cabin with picture windows. Love friendly festivals like Oktoberfest and craft fairs? Choose a cabin close to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.

7. Entertaining Game Rooms

Frosty weather is an excuse to stay indoors. Learn to play (or teach someone else) on your cabin’s pool table. If you’re more about Pac-Man than pool, some cabins feature arcade consoles. Game rooms might include air hockey, hands-on games like Connect Four, and more. Stay in for fun!