Here at Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals, we are often approached by cabin rental owners who are disappointed in their rentals’ performance. As is the case with “Unforgettable.”

Over the last 6 years, the owners of Unforgettable thought that they were maximizing their cabin’s income potential with another cabin company. Only after speaking with us, did they realize they were leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Over a 6-year period with another vacation rental management company, their average annual revenue was $28,770. To a lot of owners, this is a substantial amount of income, but after a careful evaluation of their cabin rental, we knew there was room for a vast improvement.

We went to work crafting a marketing and pricing plan, ensuring that they were positioned perfectly in the Pigeon Forge cabin rental market to maximize the most revenue possible.

In their very first year with partnering with Colonial Properties Cabin and Resort Rentals, their income exploded to $58,982 (a 105% increase).

In addition to increasing their rental revenue, the owners wanted to be certain that their cabin would be properly cleaned and maintained. To date, they have had 18 five-star ratings and 1 four-star rating.

If you’re looking to elevate your revenue and vacation rental management experience, contact us today for your confidential rental analysis to see exactly what we can do for you!