Having valuable information at your fingertips about your cabin is what our Owner X app is all about. Updated in real-time, this immersive mobile app (plus there's a website version) gives you detailed insight into the management of your cabin.


This section of the app allows you to create your own reservations for your cabin. It keeps track of all owner stays and logs them for your convenience. You can also make reservations here for friends and family.

Availability Calendar

This is a comprehensive view of your cabin's availability calendar. Here you can see what dates have been reserved and what dates are available for rentals.

Work Orders

In this section of the app, you can add or view maintenance work order requests and see their progress.

OwnerX Cabin Rental Owner App


Possibly the most-used section of the app, this is where you access your Month End Statements, Profit and Loss Statements, Summary Report, Inspections Reports, and also 1099 Generated Reports. These robust reports are available to you, in real-time, whenever you would like to view them.

Service Tasks

Need a specific task done at your cabin or have a special request? This is the place to send communication directly to our maintenance/housekeeping team regarding a needed service.


Upload photos, documents, invoices directly to the Colonial Properties' management team.


This is where your Owner Success Manager will share important news about the vacation rental industry, important area information, or anything else related to the performance of your cabin rental.

Contact Management

Contacting us is easy. Open the app, click contact management, and we'll be here to assist you in any way possible.