Your cabin's living room is the area that your guests will gather and share special moments connecting and enjoying one another's company. It's only fitting that the space be comfortable and provide the necessary features for an enjoyable stay.

When furnishing and decorating your cabin's living room, think of all of the things that will take place in the space. Conversation, TV watching, family game playing, relaxing and more.

Visitors to your cabin will want the living room to be a place where they can decompress and escape from the everyday norm. Impress your guests with an inviting living space.

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Couch, Love Seat, Additional Seating

Ideally, your living room should have enough seating for the number of people that the cabin accommodates. While this isn't always feasible given the size of the space you are working with, it's a good rule of thumb to get you started.

A high-quality sofa will offer you the most seating capacity. Leather and other durable fabrics tend to hold up best. If you plan on using a light-colored fabric sofa, plan on getting it cleaned at least once a year to keep it looking its best.

Position your furniture so that your visitors can easily visit with one another. Also, consider the location of the TV and even the fireplace if your cabin is equipped with one.

Oversized furniture that is too large for the space will make your guests feel cramped and uncomfortable. Make sure that you pick the appropriately sized furniture for the room.

End Tables and Coffee Table

End tables and coffee tables give your guests a spot to place their drinks, tablets/devices, books, and even your remote controls.

We recommend a coffee table that has round edges, especially if your cabin is family-friendly. Sharp edges are not ideally suited for toddlers and smaller children. Also, glass-topped coffee tables may break or get scratched.

When choosing the perfect end table, consider the surface. Drinks will often be placed on the end tables and wood will tarnish over time from condensation, making your end table appear dirty and unkempt. Nowadays, you can find end tables with built-in chargers for phones and other devices. Also, your end table should include a lamp or other lighting for your guest's enjoyment.

TV Cable or Satellite Service

The larger the TV, the better, provided that the space can accommodate it. At the minimum, you should provide cable or satellite TV service. These packages should include local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX) and well as sports channels (ESPN). You will not believe the complaints we get from guests who cannot watch their favorite sports team while staying with us.

To step it up, consider getting a smart TV. More and more people are streaming at home and would like to do the same while on vacation. This means you will need high-speed internet at your cabin as well.

The position of your TV should be such that it can easily be watched from anywhere in the living area. Consider an entertainment center or mount it directly on the wall. Additionally, we recommend securing your TV in a way that it cannot be easily knocked down or moved from its location.

Living Room Lighting

Provide your guests with as many lighting options as possible in the living room space. Some guests prefer a lot of light, while others may be into more mood lighting. Having options covers all of the bases. Consider table lamps, overhead lights, track lighting, and floor lamps.

All of your lighting should be LED and fitted with soft-light bulbs. Stay away from daylight or fluorescent bulbs whenever possible.

Decorative Items

You want the living room space to be inviting, but don't overdo it. Remember, less is more. Consider meaningful decorative items throughout the space that will enhance your guest's experience. You can brighten the space with pops of color and hanging wall art.

Floor coverings such as area rugs are optional depending on your taste. If you do use a floor rug, consider replacing it annually or at the least, getting it cleaned on a regular basis.

Curtains and Blinds

Guests want privacy, but they also want to experience the great outdoors when staying at your cabin. Give them the option to either open or close the window coverings whenever they'd like.

We have found that vertical blinds and aluminum/plastic mini blinds do not hold up over time and quickly need replacing. Instead, opt for heavier material and more sturdy window coverings that can withstand constant opening and closing.

Decorative Pillows and Blankets

Making your guests comfortable and relaxed should be the number one priority of your cabin's living room. This can easily be accomplished by outfitting the space with decorative pillows and blankets. Consider using soft materials and items the provide a bright color palette.

When decorating your cabin's living room, the options are limitless. If you would like assistance with designing the perfect space for your guests, just give us a call at 865-774-3233.

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