The cabin is booked, the bags are packed and the journey begins - but what prompted the guest to book your cabin? To answer this question and many more, we dive deeper into understanding the Guest Journey.

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Inspiration & Dreaming

The basis for every cabin stay is either the wish or the need to travel.

A variety of factors affect the inspiration to travel. It can easily start with a social media post, conversation with friends and family, a TV ad, or an online article. Regardless, this is where it all begins. The guest starts to form their "perfect" idea of what their cabin vacation should look like and the wheels start turning.


After the initial inspiration phase, next comes research. At this point, the guest has made up their mind and are ready to find their cabin accommodations. This step can take hours, days, and even weeks. They'll compare your cabin to others, compare pricing, check availability and narrow it down to 2 or 3 of their top choices. They're getting excited and are anticipating their upcoming vacation.


At this point, with the field of cabin options narrowed down, the guest is ready to reserve their cabin rental. This takes place via our website (, an OTA(VRBO/AirBNB), or via email/phone.

In all cases, the reservation process must be as simple as possible. The user experience must be seamless, well thought out, and easy to accomplish.

Staying at the Cabin

This is probably the most important part of the guest's journey. With anticipation already running high, they've finally arrived and are ready to live out their vacation dream. This is also when the guests decide if they plan to return in the future and if they'll recommend your cabin to family and friends. In addition to the obvious factors like cleanliness and service, this part of the journey will determine whether positive or negative reviews are given.

Post Stay and Beyond

The number one goal is to gain the guest's trust and loyalty. This is done through a great cabin experience and excellent customer service. We want to retain the customer for as long as possible. We want to 1) motivate them to re-book 2) thank them for staying with us 3) remind them of their positive experience.

The guest journey is different for each guest. What motivates one person, may not motivate another. That's why our marketing team and guest service representatives are always evolving and transforming our unique value proposition.