There’s a lot to do at Dollywood. So much so, in fact, that pre-planning your trip isn’t a bad idea. You don’t want to miss out on anything, so take a moment to go over your Dollywood options so you know where to focus your attention when the big day comes!

Exciting Rides

If you’re going to a theme park, then the rides are probably your main reason. And there’s something here for everyone. Want to fly high in the sky? Try the Dragonflier. Need to get in a good spin? There’s the Dizzy Disk for that! See the full list of Dollywood rides here and scout out something perfect for each family member.

Entertainment at Every Turn!

There are a million and more shows to see, some of them seasonal and some of them year-round. From jugglers to concerts and more, at Dollywood, no two trips are ever the same. Be sure to check out the schedule of shows so you don’t miss out on anything!

Delicious Dining Options

Feel like BBQ or funnel cakes? Pizza or cinnamon bread? At Dollywood, you never have to choose. Their robust lineup of dining options means you’re set for every meal and snack of the day! Just make sure you schedule ample time between chowing down on delicious Dollywood food and hopping onto any of the wilder rides!

Unique Shopping Experience

Of course, you need to take something home from Dollywood to commemorate your trip! And while there’s plenty of traditional theme park memorabilia to buy (our personal favorite is the antique photo booth) you’ll also find yourself sucked into magic shops and art boutiques.

Handmade Crafts

Dollywood has a whole second section of shopping for you to enjoy. The theme: one-of-a-kind handmade crafts. From blown glass to woodworking. The braver among you can even have your hands dipped in wax for a truly show-stopping souvenir.

Stay Close to the Action

After an exciting day at Dollywood, you don’t want to trek for hours just to get home and relax. Staying in one of our premier Pigeon Forge cabins keeps you just a stone’s throw from Dollywood. So after a long day of fun and adventure, you can come straight back, toss your shopping bags to the floor, stretch out the day’s exhaustion and start relaxing right away. 

Dollywood Events & Festivals

If you find yourself relaxing in the cozy town of Pigeon Forge anytime between June 20 and August 2, then you’re in luck, because that’s when Dollywood hosts their two month-long summer celebration! As the days get longer, Dollywood is hard at work making sure you have every opportunity to squeeze as much fun into those summer days as possible. 

This is the time of year when Dollywood extends their park hours, invests in some high-end fireworks and really ramps up the nightly entertainment!

What kind of entertainment?

So what can you expect to see during your visit to Dollywood that’s so special? Favorite rides like the Wild Eagle and the Lightning Rod as well as many new attractions will stay open later for a fun filled evening in the park. Several Summer Celebration-specific events kick off on June 20, as well. Dollywood’s Summer Celebration is really the pinnacle of Tennessee summer events and entertainment. 

Nights of Many Colors

This is what Dollywood calls their fireworks shows. Every night during Summer Celebration, Dollywood goes out with a bang. The park stays open later for guests to enjoy rides well into the night. And then, when the velvety southern sky is black and dark, the whole park is treated to a fireworks extravaganza to rival any Fourth of July celebration you’ve ever seen. 

The fireworks go off every night and the experience is never exactly the same. 

The Gazillion Bubble Show

This one’s a fan favorite and returning for summer 2020 by popular demand. Experience what it’s like to step inside a bubble wand as more and more colorful bubbles form around you. This show has everyone surrounded by thousands of bubbles by the end of it all!

Dollywood does themed celebrations all year round. So if you miss out on Summer Celebration this year, there are still other wonderful events like the Harvest Festival and Smoky Mountain Christmas. Not a day goes by at Dollywood that isn’t special! 

And when you’re done at Dollywood, you need not travel far to get some relaxation. Our cozy yet luxurious Pigeon Forge cabins are located just a stone’s throw from Dollywood and many other Tennessee attractions. When you play hard, you deserve to relax even harder!

Halloween is a high-ranking holiday in the South. Like a lot of the food and the towns, the theme is go big or go home. And nowhere goes bigger for Halloween than Dolly Parton’s own theme park, Dollywood. Great Pumpkin LumiNights is part of Dollywood’s month-long celebration of Halloween and the harvest season. 

LumiNights was recently named America’s Best Halloween Theme Park Event by USA Today. Never heard of this award before? Well, let us tell you all about why Dollywood’s autumn harvest event deserves this award and so many more. 

Jack o’Lanterns galore

Dollywood’s Timber Canyon will be full to bursting with carved pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Pumpkin carving has never looked so grand. Some of these pumpkins become jack o’lanterns at the hands of master carvers who create decorations so intricate you’d think at first glance that they were fake! 

And lest you think all those gutted pumpkins are going to waste, LumiNights features a wide array of pumpkin-themed food for you to enjoy.  

Kooky over Spooky

LumiNights isn’t about ghoulish scares or racking up a high scream count. It’s more a celebration of the artsier side of Halloween. The park is lit up with brilliant colors and decorations. There’s colored fog and bright lights. Fall-themed music plays everywhere and giant sculptures (some of them made of dozens of pumpkins) decorate the whole of Timber Canyon. 

And we’re not kidding when we call these sculptures impressive. Just imagine the look of three dozen pumpkins all carved and sculpted together into a giant spider that haunts the park’s walkway!

This event is fun for the whole family, even the little ones. Fun costumes are definitely encouraged!

So if your trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee falls during the autumn season, you won’t want to skip out on Dollywood. Pick a day to spend at the park and plan to stay through the evening, because it’s after dusk that LumiNights really starts to pick up. 

LumiNights starts on September 25 and runs the whole month of October. If you’re a pumpkin connoisseur with a few Halloween fiends in the family, then this is one celebration you don’t want to miss.

It’s official! Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Christmas celebration is crowned the “Best Theme Park Christmas Event in the World,” and it’s right on your cabin doorstep for holiday fun, shows, rides and surprises.

Christmas at Dollywood has earned the “best in the world” title from Amusement Today for 12 years, thanks to the park’s hard work making holidays sparkle. Dollywood starts preparing for the holidays in June, dedicating five months to hanging more than five million sparkling lights. Visit between now and Jan. 3, 2022, to see what Smoky Mountain Christmas is all about.

New Shows and Santa’s Cabin

This year marks the first Christmas that Dollywood lights the skies with fireworks. Watch the show every Friday and Saturday night until Dec. 18, and every night from Dec. 19 through Jan. 3.

More holiday trees grace the park than ever before. The park’s 50-foot Christmas tree is back, glittering with an animated, musical light show. Kids and adults alike will enjoy heartwarming holiday stories told by the magical Wildwood Tree.

Dollywood is Santa’s Southern headquarters, and this year you can spy on him through his cabin window and ask his friendly elves to deliver your Christmas list to him! Kids can peek at the “naughty or nice” list, too, and find out if their names are on it.

This park takes its name and spirit from local girl and legendary performer Dolly Parton, and performances are the warmest moments of Christmas at Dollywood. Festive song is around every corner, with more than 40 performances daily. See Dolly’s family in the new “Heart of the Holidays” show, enjoy “Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs,” or check out why “Christmas in the Smokies” is enduringly popular—it’s a 30-year tradition here.

There’s much more. Icicle lights transform swaths of the theme park into “Glacier Ridge.” Thrilling rides add to the fun. Seasonal dishes delight you. Follow the smell of cinnamon to find the gingerbread men, holiday cookies and hot chocolate.

How to Visit Dollywood at Christmas

Join the festivities on weekdays from 2 p.m. until 9 p.m. and on weekends from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Dollywood is closed on certain days (even elves need a break) so check opening dates and reserve tickets in advance.

One-day tickets are $79 for ages 10 through 61. Two-day tickets are $99 and three-day tickets, at $109, are only $10 more than a two-day ticket! There’s special pricing for younger kids and folks 62 and up.  Thinking of making a return visit? A season pass might be your best friend. 

You’ll want a cozy place to relax and recall your Smoky Mountain Christmas adventures, so be sure to book a beautiful rental cabin in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge for your Dollywood holiday.

Imagine yourself in the following scenario: you wake up on a rejuvenating springtime morning, your nostrils overwhelmed with every ounce of fresh air, and your eyes starstruck by hundreds of thousands of multicolored blooming flowers. Ultimately, you would’ve thought that you had just awoken in, perhaps, the most whimsical fairytale known to man. However, rest assured, this small glimpse of springtime beauty is not simply an over-glorified movie wonderland—it’s nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge’s Dollywood ‘All-New Flower and Food Festival’ taking place in the radiant months of May to June. Okay, those flowery details all sound fine and dandy, but how do we unpack the essence of Dollywood’s Flower and Food Festival? Before immersing yourself in the festival’s rich strawberry smoothies and landscapes of over 500,000 flowers, consider these top three details about the upcoming event. 

1. Filled to the Brim with Nearly 500,000 Flowers

Ultimately, it’s clear that the Flower and Food Festival at Dollywood is not simply a walk, talk, and leave occasion. The festival features nearly 500,000 flowers in its landscaping regions, incomparable to any national springtime festival in the United States. The festival’s combination of blossoming plants and its sheer abundance creates a ‘wonderland effect’ for visitors. Whether you’re sauntering along the paved flowerbed paths with your family or sightseeing the hundreds of flowerbeds with friends, your eyes will be awestruck by the transcendent beauty of the flowerbeds blooming colors.

2. A Wide-selection of Springtime Culinary Creations

In addition to simply sightseeing the blossoming flowerbeds and blue skies of the festival, dozens of culinary creations will be featured throughout designated areas of the festival. With an expansive feature of wide-selection culinary creations that take inspiration from spring in the Smokies, your taste buds will be assuredly delighted by the playful and tasty richness of the food.

3. An Umbrella Sky on Snowstreet

Perhaps the flower festival’s most unique springtime feature is its vast umbrella sky on showstreet, displaying hundreds of multi-colored petal parasols suspended above your head. Whether you’re getting your groove on and dancing under the multicolored creation or simply having a chat with smoothies under the patio umbrellas, showstreet and its umbrella sky will leave you speechless and inspired.

A final review….

Dollywood’s All-New Flower & Food Festival will not only exceed viewers’ expectations, but will permanently transform their understanding of springtime adventures, fun, and entertainment! Whether attendees are immersing themselves in millions of flower petals or drinking rich spring-themed smoothies under the umbrella sky on showstreet, the festival will create awestriking experiences you never knew existed.